Saturday, July 01, 2006

Temperature affecting colour

The first photo is of a flower of Paeonia lactiflora which opened on a hot sunny day (well, we did have 4 sunny days in June!!). Second photo is a second flower of the same plant, but one which opened on a cooler cloudy day. (It's more pink, in case your monitor colour is off.)

For those wondering which cultivar this is, it's name is PSMT0629. That is, it is one of my unregistered seedlings. I think I'll keep it.

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Denis Wilson said...

You could name it "cool hand Leo".
Nice observation though.

For me, the main thing I notice is enormous change in the "corals" such as your PHC of 20 June (hybrids, of course). Opening "bright peach", and fading to "clotted cream". For me, the lactifloras appear more stable in colouring.