Sunday, July 16, 2006

An Ornamental Clover - Trifolium rubens

Large showy flower heads in mid summer make this a valuable perennial in colder climates, as it is hardy to USDA zone 3. Common names for this plant are Red Feathers or Red Feather Ornamental Clover, an apt name. Hight 1-2 feet.

It's native to central Europe from northern Spain through to Romania and central Russia; it tends to grow in dry open woods and scrub, but in the garden is best in full sun.

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Denis Wilson said...

Nice flower - but I've never thought of it as a garden plant.
In Oz, Clovers are regarded as pasture improvement plants, or weeds, depending upon their location, or your point of view.
As Clovers go, this is a good one.