Monday, July 10, 2006

Last Peony of the Year

At last today a bud has opened on my shyest seedling. Not quite fully open yet but enough to see that it is a white double.

There are some additional buds yet to open on several other plants, but essentially the Peony season is over here -- until the seed pods start opening. 14 May to 11 July plus a few days: a nice long peony season.

This weblog will continue to meander along for the rest of the summer but with a lesser update frequency than during the height of the peony season. But discerning readers will already have figured that out over the last few days!


Denis Wilson said...

A nice flower to finish the season with.
Fragrant? Just curious. as I had some whites which were deliciously fragrant, and others were almost sour smelling.

Leo said...

Yes fragrant, pleasant but not to die for.