Sunday, July 23, 2006

Still More Peony Seedpods- Carpels

For an introductory discussion of these things, see my weblog entry of July 21.

Carpels of Peonia officinalis subsp villosa.

Open carpels of Paeonia mollis. I was rather suprised to see that the seeds of this species are apparently ripe, since the carpels have opened. However the seed doesn't quite have the look of fully developed seed so it is possible that they are all aborted seed, causing the carpels to open earlier than would usually be the case.


Denis Wilson said...

Re your P. mollis seeds, they look to my inexperienced eye, as if they are mature (ripe). There are several pink (aborted) seeds within the carpels.

I'd plant them (now that you have taken these attractive photos).

Well done.


Leo said...

Not quite obvious in the photo unless one cheats and sees the real thing, is that the colour is off, with a reddish-purple tint and a semi-transparent-looking skin, and kind of soft. They may darken and solidify anyways.

But heck, of course I'll plant them anyways!!