Thursday, March 29, 2007

Despite the temperatures, more spring signs

Yesterday, just a bristle of pokey green leafs. Today, the first crocus buds-- and wait, is that an open one in the middle (sheltered from the cold wind by its buddies)? Close enough to "open" for me.

The snowdrops featured a few days back are, by the way, still tightly closed...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Signs of Spring, continued

Emerging shoots of Woolly Peony, Paeonia tomentosa -- the purpley spear-tip things to the right of the golf ball. You can also see a few dead stems from last year poking out of the ground; everything else is mulch. This is, just now, the only peony showing here; it's close to the edge of a raised bed and perhaps getting a bit of extra warming from low morning sun.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Signs of Spring!!

The spring Equinox blew in at -10 degrees Centigrade here, and a full coating of white stuff on the ground. But today--- Ahhhh, today--- definite signs of spring:

Snowdrops poking clear of the leaf litter and already in bud; they'd probably be open but they're sitting in the shade of a large Rhododendron and don't get much direct sunlight.

And more inportantly:

The road bike (the yellow one) gets an airing for the first time this year. Shorts weather in fact! Reassuring to find out that all the hours spent on the trainer over the winter were not completely in vain.
(The mountain bike has been out in most weathers and most days this winter, thanks to snow tires with studs)