Saturday, June 03, 2006

A shorty- Paeonia humilis

A real cutie for the rock garden or anywhere that a dwarf peony will fit, Paeonia humilis grows only 10-16 inches tall. It's a tidy plant with soft-textured well-divided foliage and a cheery bright flower, which has a range of colours from shades of pink and rose into red.

First date of bloom here 30 May this year, but I have it growing only in the open field. All other first-bloom dates have been in the part-shade bed.

This species is native to the SW of Europe, in France, Spain and Portugal. Adapatable to a fairly wide range of conditions from rocky slopes to open woods.

Some botanists classify this plant as Paeonia officinalis subsp humilis and like many peonies it has a long string of other synonyms by which it may be listed.

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