Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Paeonia hybrid "Pink Hawaiian Coral"

This plant is a hybrid between Paeonia peregrina and P. lactiflora. Strong stems, great colour (fading to ivory), and some fragrance.


The absence of posts during the past few days is my fault this time; with a couple of decent sunny days it was difficult to balance some outdoor work, cycling, watching the World Cup football on tv against getting at the blog... expect more gaps this week, but after Friday the football schedule thins out a bit and I think I can get back to normal (whatever "normal" is around here!)


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Leo
You are getting into more familiar territory (for me). Big fluffy Peonies, with insects hanging around, to feast on the pollen.
Nice one.

As a matter of seasonal comparison, you are at the summer solstice now - with all your large flowered hybrids and cultivars still to come. My plants finished flowering in mid-November, a full month before the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere.


Carsten said...

Hi Leo, compared to me you are now 2 weeks later. My Pink Hawaiian Coral flowered arounf June 6