Friday, June 22, 2007

More of Paeonia peregrina

I am delighting in this species since it is the first year that it has amounted to much for me. Flowers and stems may still not be full size, but they are much larger than last year.

Two are now in bloom, one being a bit darker than the other (this is the one shown two days ago). Some variation in petal shape and in

leaf segmentation and shape between them too.


bik(bioannou) said...

Hi, my name is Vasilis and Im coming from Greece.
In my aerea there are lots of peony peregrina.Do you know if I can multiply them from seeds?
My mail

Leo said...

They should be easy to grow from seed, but it takes awhile.
You can grow them in a pot or plant the seed straight into the ground; keep them watered, not too wet. During the first year you won't see anything happening; the seeds will send out a root but nothing above ground. (If you have them in a pot, leave it outside in shade during the winter.) In the second spring some shoots should appear which might get to 5cm tall in the first summer. A bit bigger the second summer. If you want to spread them out you could do that after the 2nd or 3rd summer. They might bloom in their 4th year but may take longer.

Good luck!